Dad Asks Baby If He Slept Well, Baby’s Hilarious “Answer” Has Internet Falling In Love

The initial needs of newborns are undeniably straightforward. They revolve around the basics: sleep, nourishment, and diaper changes. Despite their limited experiences upon entering the world, infants undergo a fascinating journey of development, marked by the growth of their facial expressions, cognitive abilities, and reactions.

Observing these tiny creatures is an absolute delight! Their ability to turn a frown into something utterly endearing is a marvel in itself. Take baby Oliver, affectionately dubbed “The ORB,” for example.

Oliver’s father seized a fortunate moment, camera in hand, to pose a simple question to his son. Little did he know, Oliver’s response would captivate hearts across the globe.

In the footage, baby Oliver stirs from his nap, showcasing an array of expressions and emotions as he transitions from slumber to wakefulness. From passionate yawns to determined squirms, from vigorous stretches to thoughtful adjustments – each moment is a testament to the beauty of awakening.

After a series of movements, Oliver finally settles and begins to slowly peel open his heavy eyelids. His father, poised behind the camera, poses a crucial question, eagerly awaiting his son’s response.

Given the array of adorable expressions Oliver has displayed, anticipation mounts for his reply. And as soon as his eyes flutter open, his father gently utters, “Good morning.” Oliver’s eyes widen in response, meeting his dad’s gaze with a deliberate blink.

Then comes the pivotal question, “Did you sleep well?” Oliver stares back with a solemn expression, as if pondering his response. And in a moment of pure innocence, he “answers” his father’s query.

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