2-month-old says, “I love you,” has mom over the moon

A proud mother captures a touching moment on video as her 8-week-old baby unexpectedly utters the words “I love you,” eliciting joy and wonder. It’s a milestone cherished by every parent, hearing their child speak for the first time.

Typically, around the six-month mark, babies begin to vocalize sounds that may resemble the names of their parents or express their desires, such as for milk or toys. However, deciphering these early attempts at speech can be challenging, as they often manifest as a blend of sounds, noises, and cries, each conveying different needs.

A recent YouTube video has astounded audiences by showcasing an 8-week-old baby repeating the phrase “I love you” after her mother. The mother, eager to capture this precious moment, skillfully records the interaction with her camera.

Engaging her daughter in a lighthearted conversation about past Christmases, the mother watches with delight as the baby responds with cheerful babbling and an infectious smile.

While some may debate the authenticity of the baby’s utterance, for the mother, it’s an overwhelmingly heartwarming experience. She treasures the memory of this unexpected milestone captured on film.

Frequent interaction and conversation with babies, even from a young age, play a vital role in their cognitive development, particularly in language acquisition and listening skills. Therefore, encouraging verbal engagement with your child, even during daily activities, fosters their intellectual growth and strengthens your bond.

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